Payment Options

  1. Insurance:  We take most Insurances. Email us at . Give us your insurance information and we will find out if you have chiropractic or physical therapy benefits.
  2. Medicare:  We are contracted with Medicare Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Care? Yes, Medicare does cover chiropractic adjustments. Medicare Part B now covers the cost for an office visits with us. You have unlimited visits at Britton Chiropractic. Please note medicare has a deductible and some medicare plans may be out of network.

*** Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may cover chiropractic care. Since MA are not standardized, each plan can offer a very different set of fees and benefits. Chiropractic is usually available under MA but how much you will pay can vary by plan. We will need to check if your plan is in our network.

3. No insurance? No problem. We have discount packages and payment plans that will suit your needs,  whether your goal is to recover from an injury or you just want to keep well balanced and healthy. Self pay visits include consultation, complete examination, adjustment and any therapies you might need. We also have massage therapists on site to compliment your chiropractic care.

4. Memberships: We have limited memberships available for 2019. Sign up today click here for more info.

PPO Insurance, HMO Insurance, Medicare, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, FSA, HSA.