"I was in pain for two years after childbirth and I thought my back pain would never go away. I tried everything, I even changed my mattress 5 times! Finally I decided to try Chiropractic. I went to see Dr. Anthony Britton and now I am pain-free. I can exercise regularly, play with my toddler and I feel great about myself."

-Victoria Masuta


While training for my first marathon, I hurt my foot just days before the event. Making it painful to simply walk on it. Dr. Britton adjusted my foot. Not only was I able to complete the marathon, I ran it pain free.

For a few weeks the nagging pain on my lower back made it extremely painful to simply roll out of bed and get my day started. I paid a few visits to Dr. Britton. After a few adjustments and exercise tips, I'm able to get back to my normal everyday routine, pain free! 

-Alfonso G.


Dr. Britton took an evolutionary approach to my treatment, starting off with baby steps and developing into numerous sports therapy modalities (with increasing difficulty) to induce real progress.



I have always been an athletic person and competed in Olympic lifting throughout my highschool career. And since then, it has always been a part of my identity. But when I began suffering from a chronic shoulder injury that was getting progressively worse and worse, that identity as an athlete was beginning to seem like a thing of the past.

I love to workout, lift weight, do Crossfit and Muay Thai, but my shoulder had gotten so bad, I could barely throw a jab and even had a hard time with jumping jacks. I thought my athletic career was in jeopardy and that I would need surgery to have any hope of regaining the function that I had before. I spoke with Dr. Anthony Britton about any alternative to surgery and after examining my shoulder, he told me that he believed he could help me achieve a significant improvement in 8 treatments. 

1-month later, after a series of adjustments, tissue work, postural training and muscle/ energy techniques, I had regained full range of motion in my shoulder, my strength was returning and I was able to get back to doing the things in life that I really love to do.

- Eli Trinh


The quality of his work is incredible! In just a couple of sessions my body was ready to go back to the gym! Through some adjustments & precise work on areas of discomfort, he managed to diminish my pain! I would highly recommend Him to anyone looking for good-quality work! Thanks for everything Dr. Britton!

- Marisol

As a professional MMA fighter, it is only natural to seek advantages to help me excel in my sports. My advantage is Dr. Anthony Britton. Rather than telling me to stop training and skip competitions, he has always helped me to compensate, adapt and overcome obstacles. Through injury treatment/ prevention, nutritional counseling and exercise prescriptions, Dr. Britton has enabled me to perform at my peak and remain undefeated in MMA.

- Lethal Laura Salazar


I had been suffering with the effects of an old shoulder injury for many years and I thought I had gotten as far in the healing process as I was going to get. I was told that I would have to live with some level of discomfort for the rest of my life. Thanks to dr. Britton, I have improved more than I thought possible. His use of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization was exactly the right treatment to break up the scar tissue that I still had underneath my scapula. I had forgotten what it felt like to not have shoulder pain.

- Monica S.