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Were you in a car accident in Temple City, California? We can help with your personal injury case today. Contact Us for a FREE consultation. We specialize in car accident law in Temple City and the greater Los Angeles Area so you won't find better treatment anywhere else for your personal injury case in Temple City.

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If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, personal injury case allow Britton Chiropractic in Arcadia to provide a thorough examination to assess the damage to your body. A number of car accident injuries are easy to identify, but others are much more difficult to spot. Many people sustain injuries in collisions and fail to seek medical care, as they feel the damage is minor and will go away on its own.

We accept Car/Automobile Liens

Britton Chiropractic accept and treat car accident injuries. We prepare proper documentation to substantiate your injuries and potential need for further medical care. This information is crucial in helping your car accident attorney, if you decide to hire one, to be the most successful in settling your case. We can also put you in touch with one of our trusted attorneys if you do not have one.

What is a lien?

Car accident cases on a lien, which means we will not receive payment until your case is resolved. We will ask you to bring all the relevant paperwork to the first visit and based on that information it will be determined if your case will be accepted on a lien.

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