Joint Injuries

Joint injuries can happen suddenly,nsuch as a twisted knee during a ski accident. They can also happen overtime as you repeat certain motions over and over.

Acute injury: This is a sudden injury, often caused by an accident
such as a fall. Think of a twisted ankle, sprained knee, or dislocated
shoulder. This type of injury may be  marked by:

  • Pain that starts right away, or
  • Pain that peaks in the first hours
    or days after the injury
    Swollen, stiff, and discolored joint
  • Joint weakness or instability
  •  Loss of range of motion and/or
  • Joints are located where 2 bones come together. Your joints are a complex combination of tissues that allow for
    movement and support. Harm to any of these tissues can result in loss of movement and pain. Use this quick
    guide to learn about the 2 main types of joint injuries.

Overuse injury: This type of injury is caused by placing too
much stress on a joint again and again. This could happen during
exercise or sports. Or it could happen at work. Any activity that
you do too often, for too long, or with poor technique could lead
to an overuse injury. This type of injury may be marked by:

  • Tenderness or pain when you move the joint
  • Stiffness and swelling
  • Loss of strength and/or range of motion
  • Trouble using the joint

Britton Chiropractic in Run can outline a treatment plan specific to
your needs. This plan can include treatment to reduce pain and
accelerate healing. It may also include rehabilitation and at-home exercises to help prevent re occurrence.


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